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Christian D Larson

For tonight’s daily inspiration, I wanted to share a poem with you called:

THE OPTIMIST CREED-By: Christian D Larson

Mr. Larson (1874 – 1954) was an author, teacher and leader of the “new thought movement”.  The “new thought movement” is a philosophical movement, which began in the early 19th century. Followers of this movement believe:

  • “Infinite Intelligence” (God) is everywhere
  • Divinity dwells within all people
  • Our mental state effects our physical well being-good or bad.
  • The highest belief – love all living things unconditionally,

Many of Christian Larson’s books are still in print today, 100 years later.

Below is a list of Mr. Larson’s books

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 8.15.51 PM
Christian D Larson Book List can be found at

I personally find the poem quite inspirational. It’s a great reminder of positive thinking, loving all living things and having no time for worry or negativity. I hope you appreciate this poem as much as I do. It is a popular poem.  Let me know if you’ve heard of it before. How has it affected your life and way of thinking. Or…just the opposite-you find it annoyingly cheerful and you can’t stand it. Either way….

Let me know your thoughts.


Here is a short video which includes

 a reading of the poem. 

Below is a written version

with a PDF link,

in case you wish to print it out. 

I Promise MyselfBy- Christian D Larson

Print-The Optimist Creed HERE

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Have a blessed evening everyone!

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