I’d like to introduce you to Serene. She writes the blog SIMPLY SERENE, a blog which shares: “tips for well-being, simple vegetarian dishes, homemade beauty recipes, advice on organized minimalist living, book and beauty reviews, and giveaways.” 

Here is a clip from her WELCOME page:

“I’m Serene (full disclosure: that’s actually my middle name)!  I have such a love for blogs, and enjoy connecting with, and being inspired by others.  My aspiration here is to share pieces of myself and my life in hopes of inspiring others along the path to well-being. I want to keep things casual,  and hope a visit to my page  feels something like sitting with a friend.”

Today, I’m going to share with you something a bit unusual for me, skincare recipes. You know the old saying, “IF YOU CAN’T EAT IT, DON’T PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN.”? Well, me…not so much. I must admit, making my own skincare products is something I’m very bad about. I think A LOT about what goes IN my body, but I’m very lazy when it comes to what goes ON my body! I even bought the ingredients to make my own shampoo, face masks, and makeup, but it all sits on a shelf, collecting dust. My excuse: Lack of time! Sheesh! Worst excuse ever! 😦

But, we must remember, almost anything you put on your skin, is absorbed into your body. If you’d like more information about how this happens, and how it affects you. here are a few articles I found:

Serene has published an article with 3 yogurt based face masks. These masks will moisturize and brighten your skin, while “banishing breakouts.” Serene says yogurt is very moisturizing, without being overly greasy.  Other ingredients (all found in your kitchen) include:

  • Honey
  • Avocado
  • Pineapple
  • Lemon Juice

Are you ready to make your skin happy? Follow this link to SIMPLY SERENE!

Peaches and Cream: Three Masks for a Magnificent Complexion – Simply Serene

A few other articles from SIMPLY SERENE



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