Announcing: Press It (Reblog) Thursday- Vegan Banana Bread Granola – JennyBean_Love

Starting today, I am designating Thursdays as PRESS IT (aka: reblog) Thursday. I like to use the”press this” function versus reblog, because it allows for more flexibility regarding the words I add to the post and more control, regarding the feature picture, as well as the tags/categories. Each Thursday I will reblog one article (possibly more). My focus will be recipes, however, I will also look for health related articles, as well as daily inspiration.

If you would like me to reblog one of your articles,  please leave me a link in the comments of this blog.

For the first PRESS IT THURSDAY, I have chosen Vegan Banana Bread Granola, brought to you by JennyBean_Love.   Her blog and about page are beautiful. I highly encourage you to check it out. Here is a quote from her about page:

“My name is Jennifer, but all my friends call me Jenny or JennyBean! I’m a Digital Media Specialist and Fashion/Beauty Entrepreneur… in love with running, yoga, meditation, and clean eating.”

I chose granola, because, like protein bars, many people eat it, thinking it’s healthy, when in fact, it’s not much better than any other sugary cereal. However, it’s super easy to make, as Jenny will show you. Her recipe uses whole food ingredients, including whole oats, walnuts, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds.

I hope you enjoy her article. I’d love to hear if you made it and how it turned out. Or, do you have your own favorite granola recipe? LET ME KNOW! 🙂

For the entire article, follow this link: Vegan Banana Bread Granola – JennyBean_Love

4 Comments on “Announcing: Press It (Reblog) Thursday- Vegan Banana Bread Granola – JennyBean_Love

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