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When Danielle Cook’s son was diagnosed with cancer when he was 11 years old, she turned to nutrition to help his body heal. When he went into remission, she went back to school for a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition. For 12 years, she has been “demonstrating, educating, and advocating the benefits of seasonal whole food in battling childhood illness.” She goes into hospitals and holds workshops, teaching children and families how to cook good, nutritious food to help them heal. Here is her story:

Danielle is quite an inspirational individual. It is my firm belief that whole food can cure disease and Danielle is doing this on a daily basis. She gives hope to children with cancer by offering a host of recipes, from turkey burgers and pesto to smoothies and gazpacho.

Here is one of her recipes:

Comforting Rice Pudding

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For complete instructions, visit: Happily Hungry


Here are 5 tips (and two recipes!) from Danielle on eating healthy while undergoing children’s cancer treatment, which will work for many diseases…AND…not just for children:

NOTE: There are a few ingredients Danielle recommends, with which I disagree. These include, tofu, soy milk and agave nectar. Tofu and soy milk are highly allergenic, while agave nectar is HIGHLY processed, AND very similar to high fructose corn syrup.

Danielle has a cookbook called HAPPILY HUNGRY: SMART RECIPES FOR KIDS WITH CANCER. You can find it at AMAZON.

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For more information about Danielle and her program, visit : Happily Hungry

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