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4 Steps to Rebuild Histamine Tolerance with quick start guide and sample menu-Body Ecology

The Body Ecology Diet uses specific techniques to help you rebuild a tolerance to histamine, and heal your digestive system at the same time.

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On Monday, I posted an article which discussed histamine intolerance.  This article has sparked some concerns among a few of my readers who feel they may fall into this category of food allergy. The list of foods to avoid due to histamine intolerance is long, and makes a person feel as if they can’t eat anything.  Never fear! I have a few answers and helpful tips for you.

As was covered in the previous article on histamine intolerance, histamine is a molecule that is needed when the body comes into contact with an allergen. So, your next question might be…”Why am I ‘allergic’ to so many things”. The answer to this question is called…



Leaky gut occurs when the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged, causing bigger holes, then the normal microscopic “net”. This allows small food particles, that normally can’t pass through, to “leak” into the blood stream.

Part of the job of the upper small intestine is to finish breaking food down into individual molecules, so it can be absorbed into the bloodstream for distribution to the body. However, when someone has “leaky gut”, small food particles get into the blood stream, instead of molecules. The body doesn’t recognize food particles, only individual molecules. So when food particles get into the blood, they are attacked as allergens.

For example, let’s say you eat a strawberry. You chew and swallow it. As it progresses through the stomach and into the upper small intestine, it should be digested further. Instead, a small piece of strawberry is allowed to “leak” into the bloodstream. The body is looking for molecules of glucose from the strawberry, not an actual strawberry and has no idea what this foreign substance is, and attacks it, causing a histamine response. So, even though you are eating a perfectly safe and normal food, in this case a strawberry, it  hasn’t been broken down into components the body recognizes.

Don’t worry, it is possible to heal the leaks in the small intestine. A few tips are covered in this article from Dr. Axe. For more information on leaky gut, see this article from Dr. Axe.

In histamine intolerance, not only do you deal with leaky gut, but also an intolerance to histamine containing food from outside sources. Your body needs specific digestive enzymes, not only in the gut, but in the liver, to digest and keep histamine levels normal. When that can’t happen, or if enzyme levels are absent or ineffective, histamine gets out of control and you have allergic responses to many different things.


The Body Ecology Diet uses specific techniques to help you rebuild a tolerance to histamine, and heal your digestive system at the same time. Here are the 4 steps they recommend.

  1. Follow the 7 principles of the Body Ecology Diet.
  2. At the beginning, it is necessary to remove high histamine foods from the diet
  3. Taking a probiotic that contains Bifidobacterium infantis and B. longum.
  4. Supporting the liver with herbs like milk thistle, artichoke leaf, wasabi, and sarsaparilla.



I have found a few Body Ecology Diet PDF’s.  You can also buy the book from Amazon. Here are some PDF’s to get you started.


ONE FINAL NOTE: I will once again apologize for the erratic nature of my posts as of late. I still have an oral exam, and final exam for which to study, however, I returned home from my Grandmother’s birthday yesterday. That is why I was unable to post anything yesterday, due to airports and travel. However, now that I am home, I am hopeful that the blog will somewhat return to normal.

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  1. I’m finding your blog interesting and informative. I have recently completed a cert IV in nutrition and dietetics and needed a platform and outlet for my continuing research and professional development. I am finding this community very welcoming and presenting with a wealth of information, including your posts.

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    • Yes, the blogging world is a fascinating place. It feels like a big family at times. I absolutely love it. I’m glad you find my blog informative. Thanks 🙏 for visiting and following. 😊


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