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Do you feel as if you are allergic to foods, but just can’t pinpoint a specific one. Sometimes you have symptoms, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you eat food and are fine, for a few days, then suddenly show symptoms? It’s possible that you may have Histamine Intolerance. The following quote is from the source article below:

“Histamine is an important molecule in the body that is part of our immune response when we come in contact with an allergen.   The intent of the histamine response is to assist the body in dealing with the allergen by dilating the small blood vessels and creating an inflammatory response. ” 

The histamine response can sometimes get out of control, creating excessive inflammation, which cause certain symptoms.

Here is a list of some symptoms of Histamine Intolerance:


Some foods that cause a histamine reaction:


Cover photo courtesy of source.

For more information on Histamine Intolerance, follow this link.: HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE: SYMPTOMS, CAUSES, GENETICS AND RECOMMENDATIONS

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Welcome to The Purple Almond! My name is Tamara Hoerner. I am a student at Hawthorn University working toward a Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education. For me, the name Purple Almond symbolizes “Good, nutritious, whole food bringing light and life to the body, awakening the inherent healing mechanisms within.” I'm all about getting back to the basics, good old fashioned traditional organic, whole food, the kind your great-grandmother used to eat. You'll find no processed foods here. Just good food to heal your whole body. I also believe a healthy body isn't just about food. Stress plays a large part in the physical health of our body. I, therefore, believe in using anything that relieves stress and heals the body, including: mediation, yoga, music, laughter, inspiration and helping others. You'll find all these included in my blog as well.


  1. Oh no. Not avocados and chocolate! 😕

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  2. It’s surprising how many quality healthy foods make the list of “foods to avoid” if one experiences histamine allergies.

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    • I know. These are foods high in histamine, which can trigger problems, something I’m currently battling myself. My theory is if the digestive system can be healed completely, the histamine allergy would dissipate. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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      • It’s a complicated question because the extent of damage certainly influences the rate of recovery. I do, however, believe that most people can improve their health to the point where allergens no longer overwhelm the body. It requires understanding deficiencies in LIFE (nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, stress reduction, etc…) and creating an ACTION PLAN to realistically manage these shortfalls.

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      • Agreed. Although certain plans can help, each individual needs to tailor the plan to their specific needs and lifestyle.

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      • You’re comment just helped me realize just how much I have to learn!!! 😳 whew!

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  3. I am going through these comments and nodding. Trouble is, as others have said, if I got rid of all these too there wouldn’t be much left.

    What I need is a diet for this menopausal two stone which appeared one day and has overstayed its welcome. The last diet I tried made me put on weight and, nope, not an extra snack did I have. I used an app to put in every ounce of food and calorie counted.

    Still the diet industry wouldn’t make so much money if it wasn’t for people like me…those ‘nothing shifts it’ types 😅

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    • I am currently in the midst of studying for an oral and final exam. As soon as things settle down, I’ll try to post something related to your symptoms/issues. Remember, this list is only for people with histamine intolerance issues and does not apply to everyone.

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