“My dream would be to leave the slum, live in the city and be able to have a stable life. We were much happier before living in the slum. I came to Kibera 40 years ago, my daughters and grand-daughters were born here. Kibera is the only place they saw.”

~Mama Molen



The Kibera slum is located in Nairobi, Kenya. In Kibera, with a population of approximately 1 million, the people live in danger, without proper sanitation and in extreme poverty. This is where Mama Molen and her family call home.


 Things improved for Mama Molen when she met the people from the non-profit organization FROM KIBERA WITH LOVE. This incredible organization helps the adults and children who live in Kibera, work their way out of poverty and into a better life. 

For the children, the center gets them off the streets, away from the misery, and begin learning and improving through self-development.FROM KIBERA WITH LOVE helps them complete their education, and become healthy, independent minded individuals.


For the adults, FROM KIBERA WITH LOVE offers a  microcredit program. Through this program, these parents, who have very little, if any income, are offered micro-loans. The adults use these loans to open their own businesses. For Mama Molen, it was a crisp shop, which has become very popular in the area. This new business, thanks to FROM KIBERA WITH LOVEhelped Mama Molen establish better lives for her children. She also has electricity, something that is rare in Kibera.

Although she has developed a better life for her family, Mama Molen hopes to one day see her children move out of Kibera and go to the University.

Here are a few facts about Kibera:



Here is a video about Kibera from the non-profit organization Women For Women in Africa, another non-profit organization helping the women and children of Kibera.

For more information: FROM KIBERA WITH LOVE

For more information: WOMEN FOR WOMEN IN AFRICA



5 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration: To Mama Molen, From Kibera with love

  1. Absolutely loved your post Tamara and what an inspiration is that lady and so agree with what is happening in Nairobi and other African countries. Loved the quote and yes so true, once women are educated the whole town and village get inspired. Great, Great.


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