Daily Inspiration: Proof of Heaven

Dr. Eben Alexander, is an academic neurosurgeon, with over 30 years experience. He spent his  entire career believing that near death experiences were nothing more than hallucinations produced by the mind during the process of death…until it happened to him.

At 4:30 A.M. on November 10, 2008, Dr. Alexander became extremely ill with a very rare form of bacterial meningitis. Within four hours, he was in a deep coma, where he remained, on a ventilator, for the next 7 days. What he experienced during those 7 days changed his life forever.

Here is his story…

If you are interested in reading Dr. Alexander’s book, you can find it here: Proof of Heaven.

For more information about Dr. Alexander go to: http://www.ebenalexander.com/


When Dr. Alexander’s youngest birth sister sent the picture of the sister who had died, a poem was included called: “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me” by: David  M Romano. Here is that poem:  a PDF version and below is a video version:


13 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration: Proof of Heaven

  1. Great Tamara and I have heard of this near death experiences from another person and her name is Anita Moorjani, her books name is Dying to be Me. It is awesome. And I totally agree with whatever you said in the post. All are One and we are All having a human experience.

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