Sweet Potato Toast

Any way you “slice” it, bread is a processed and refined food, not a whole food. Remember, a whole food is something that doesn’t come in a package…something you can walk into a field or garden and “pick”. Last time I checked, you can’t walk into a field and pick a loaf of bread…wheat yes, bread no. So what is a health conscious, whole foodie to do?

Enter sweet potatoes! Yes, the new thing in the whole food movement is “sweet potato toast”. That is toast made from slices of sweet potato. We’ve discussed sweet potatoes before in the article: 15 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Perfect For Diabetics – Natural And Healthy World. They are incredibly healthy and a wonderful substitute for a highly processed slice of bread. Here’s an infographic to refresh your memory:


So, just how do you make sweet potato toast? Here is the main article from “The Compassionate Oven”… ENJOY!

Sweet Potato Toast is delicious!  It’s an easy way to have a healthy breakfast that is gluten-free, paleo-friendly and vegan. And an amazing, healthy way to start the day! I love this toast b…

For the complete recipe, go to The Compassionate Oven Website: Sweet Potato Toast

22 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Toast

  1. That sure looks tasty! I love sweet potatoes. I do still eat bread but the majority of what I eat is hand made – either fresh tortillas from a place a couple miles away from where I live, or bread baked in my own oven with nothing but flour, water, salt, yeast, and sometimes eggs. Still not perfect, but sure more tasty! I totally agree that whole is the way to go, where possible.

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