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Feel Good Friday: The Singing Doctor

The “Happy Birthday” song…it is a well loved song used throughout the world. Have you ever given any thought to where it originated? According to  my research, the song began its life as “Good morning to all”, written by Mildred Hill in 1893, to use in her kindergarten classroom as a greeting.

“Good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning dear children, good morning to you!”

Through the years, with the help of her sister Patti and her students, the song morphed into “Happy Birthday to you”. Both versions of the song spread across the country, and “good morning to all” with “Happy Birthday” as a 2nd verse was published in 1924.

In 1934, a third sister, Jessica Hill established a legal copy right, with the current copy right in effect until 2030. Any time the song is sung for large groups, public events, or for any type of profit, such as toys or cards,  royalties must be paid. The Hill sisters established a foundation, to which royalties were paid until their death. The rights to the song are currently owned by Warner Music.


You may be wondering what the “Happy Birthday song” has to do with today’s “Feel Good Friday”. Well, we sing this song at every birthday, except our birth. One person, Doctor Carey Andrew-Jaja, an Obstetrician, and his staff, have changed all that. Doctor Jaja sings “Happy Birthday” to all the babies he delivers. He says this “singing” helps him develop a bond with these babies. Here’s his story.





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8 Comments on Feel Good Friday: The Singing Doctor

  1. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Jeśli chodzi o sporty walki stosunkowo nową, “młodą” dyscypliną jest mma. Budzi ono wiele kontrowersji, ale mimo to, jego popularność ciągle wzrasta.


  3. Interesting and so delightful!

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  4. Thanks loved the post and so great to sing happy birthday to a new born baby. Great 👍 post.

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