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Daily Inspiration: Hearty Start

There is a lot of talk in the media, recently, about people needing help in other countries, and, I 100% agree. My heart goes out to these and all people throughout the world who are in danger or without homes or who need assistance. This includes people in America, who are hungry and homeless. The following statistics are from



One new non-profit is trying to help  curb hunger and assist the homeless population in New York City. Hearty Start provides breakfast sandwiches for the homeless population in New York City.

It all started one day in 2014, and Hearty Start founder, Teddy Fitzgibbons, was walking to work, enjoying a breakfast sandwich, when he was approached by a young homeless man who said “Sir, are you going to finish that?” After deciding he could afford to replace his sandwich, he handed his remaining sandwich to the young man.

Since that summer, his non-profit has made partnerships with deli’s all over New York. With the help of donations, he is able to not only feed many homeless people, but hire them as well. Here is his story…

To donate a meal plan follow this link: Donate a meal plan

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  1. A beautiful and inspiring post and I totally agree wholeheartedly with your words. Our world is so beautiful though people and their selfishness has made it so impossible to live. There r many good souls who r helping in their ways too. Great 👍

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