As part of his mother’s dying wish, in 2008, Kevin Upshur transformed an old building in Philadelphia into the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center,  a non-profit organization which serves as a neighborhood education and resource center. The organization works with the youth of the community, inspiring them to communicate and educate.

Here is their mission:

The mission of Strawberry Mansion Learning Center is:

  1. To provide a safe haven for local students to learn and grow.
  2. To provide structured programs designed to promote positive growth and development.
  3. To provide educational services to enhance students’ academic success.
  4. To provide students with opportunities to travel and explore the world beyond their neighborhood
  5. To provide mentors to act as positive examples and role models for students
  6. To encourage reading and literacy at all ages
  7. To provide technology services to students and the local community
  8. To educate the local community on nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and the culinary arts
  9. To promote computer literacy for all ages, including seniors
  10. To educate students on the past, present, and future African-American history and their local community

This is a video from NBC news, which tells Kevin’s story, the wonderful history of the building and a bit about what they do:

For more information, visit their website at:  

The Strawberry Mansion Learning Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Community Center

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