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+10 Potato Recipes from Dish Dessert

Potatoes…they are often a demonized, after all, they’re a “white” carbohydrate. We’re always told to “stay away from anything white.” For the most part this is true. We should avoid things like white sugar, white pasta, white bread, and white flour. But these items have one thing in common: All of those items are highly processed and refined. That is not true when it comes to potatoes. Potatoes are a healthy, delicious and comforting whole food. According to the website, potatoes are high in: vitamin B6, potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B3, fiber and pantothenic acid.

Yes, they are high in starchy carbohydrates. I’m not saying to “pig out” on them, but they are a good food to have on occasion, especially when you need some “comfort food”. If you eat them with some healthy fat, such as organic butter, you’ll slow down the digestive process and sugar spike. Also ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS eat ORGANIC potatoes. They are roots, and absorb all pesticides sprayed on them.

Here are 10 recipes which highlight potatoes, from Dish Dessert. ENJOY!

Potatoes grilled with herbs Potato Salad Potato salad with mayonnaise and onion Spanish tortilla Steamed Recipe In Tanjia (Marrakech) Vegetarian tagine, with argan oil   Assortment of Moroccan…

For the recipes go to Dish Dessert here: +10 Potato Recipes

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I am a student at Hawthorn University working toward a MS degree in Holistic Nutrition. For me, the name Purple Almond symbolizes “Good, nutritious, whole food bringing light and life to the body, awakening the inherent healing mechanisms within.”

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  1. I didn’t know potatoes were rich in vitamin C.Thanks for the insightful post☺️

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