Happy “FEEL GOOD” Friday everyone!!! 

Have you ever tried to skip rocks on a pond or lake? I always envied people who could skip rocks along the surface, 4 or 5 times. I’ve never been very good at it, mine usually either skip once or just plop right into the water. But, when that one little rock breaks the surface of the water, you can see ripples fan out in all directions. And after the ripples touch something or someone, they return to the pebble.


That’s how life is right? We throw a pebble into the waters of life and life reacts, sending out ripples of positive (or negative) energy in all directions. That energy will affect, whomever it touches, then return to you.

So, I guess it’s okay that I can’t skip rocks, because we aren’t meant to skip along the surface of life’s water. We’re meant to dive right in and make ripples. We’re meant to shout out to life HEY…I’M HERE!


Today’s video, called “Ripple”, is 5:46, is a heart warming, inspirational tear-jerker of a video, illustrating how a random act of kindness can come back to you. ENJOY!

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