Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I won’t write a lengthy blog, but just wanted to share a few words, a few things I’ve learned over the past few months.

As I expand the bounds of myself through this blog, my old, childhood insecurities often arise. The more I “put myself out there”, so to speak, the more nervous I get.

However, as I read blogs of so many talented and kind-hearted bloggers, I am reminded of just how silly those insecurities are and how they have held me back for a long time, and that I’m not the only one who gets them.

This blog has taught me the importance of being unique, the importance of being true to myself, no matter what others may think. In the past, I would have held back, for fear of losing a friend or follower. But, as long as I amΒ uniquely me, the rest will fall into place. You may lose some people along the way, and that’s okay, because, you’ll also gain others. And, the people you lose, were never meant to be there forever. They were there to help you learn a lesson. Once you’ve learned that lesson, they will move on.

You see, Β everything that happens to you, good or bad, happens for a reason. AND everyone who comes into your life, is there for a reason, however brief their presence might be. The trick is to find the lesson in the experience or the Β people in your life.

So, with that in mind, I’ve put together some quotes as a reminder to myself, that I wanted to share with you for today’s daily inspiration. I have also included the PDF versions, in case you wish to keep them for yourselves. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

God Bless! Have a great Sunday tomorrow and I’ll see everyone on Monday. πŸ™‚


“Align Yourself” PDF


“Just Be Yourself” PDF


“Embrace Who You Are” PDF


“Don’t Worry” PDF

You are unique PDF

19 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration: It’s important for you to know…

  1. You talk about being yourself, and being unique. And letting it all out even if you lose some friends. When I was writing my book I really, really struggled over what to share. I finally realized I needed to let it all out because someone who reads it might need what I’m sharing. Thanks for your post!

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    1. Being myself is something I’ve always struggled with. It’s only through this blog that I’ve finally realized that. (It’s never too late I guess. πŸ™‚ ) Thank you for sharing your realization with me. “Being yourself” isn’t easy, especially in today’s society. You’re right, you have amazing things to say! Others may need to hear the important things you share! Thanks for visiting and reading my blog. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love learning and growing. If other people (family, friend, or foe), help me to be my highest and best. All hails to them. I too, am a positive spirit. I believe I was put on this earth in human form to be of service to myself and others. Mind, body, and spirit. Life is sweet. Thanks for sharing your spirit. Much appreciated!

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