7 Award Winning Chili Recipes

Chili has got to be one of my all time favorite food. It’s easy to make, healthy and tastes great. The best part of chili is you can make it how you like it, vegan, vegetarian, turkey chili, green chili, white chili, Texas chili, etc. You’re really just limited by your imagination when it comes to chili. So, I’ve scoured the internet and, out of the 1000’s of wonderful chili recipes, I found 7 recipes that have literally won awards. So, here we go!

Award winning White Chicken Chili-This recipe, from Panning the Globe, won an office chili cook off contest.


Z’s Colorado Award Winning Green Chili-From the website-“I took 4 years of award winning Colorado green chilis and turned them into this one recipe. The recipe may seem simple but this is amazing green chili!


Award Winning Creamy White Chicken Chili– From the website-“This is the best creamy white chicken chili recipe ever. This chili was in a chili cook off. I won first prize and beat out all the competition.”


2 Time National Champion Red Chili Recipe– From the website-“This recipe was created by Margaret Nadeau and won the CASI Terilingua International Chili championship in 2005 & 2009”


Award Winning Chili Recipe-From the website-“This simple but satisfying chili recipe won first place at chili cook-off fundraisers in 2011 and 2012, beating out more than 8 other contenders both years!”


Award Winning Texas Chili-From “Life with Grace”- “And by award winning, I mean church chili cook off circa 1995 ;). But in all honesty this is my all time faovirte chili recipie and its always a go to when I don’t know what to cook for dinner!”


Ok…I saved the best for last…Here is the 2016 International chili Society Chili Cook Off winner for 2016! Meet Chuck Harber! The link to his recipe is below. There are also links to past winning chili recipes on the website. Here’s a quote from the website:

“I began judging chili in 2008 and in 2009 I joined the ICS and started cooking. My success has been due in part to family support and my great fellow team members, Ken Hook, Clark McGee and Darlene Taylor – all great cooks who could win the top spot any year. I am honored and humbled to be able to cook among so many wonderful people. I have cooked in 6 World’s Championship Chili Cook offs and 4 World Food Championships. I grew up in Silver City, NM and Deming, NM and learned about chili and pepper growing from my grandmother, a champion cook”



Chuck Harber’s California Road Chili-Red

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