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Daily Inspiration: Bent On Learning- Where inner city kids find inner peace

Today, on Meditation Monday, our nonprofit for daily inspiration is a group called:

Bent on Learning

Bent On Learning is a nonprofit organization that teaches yoga to children in New York City public schools.

According to their website:

We bring yoga to as many students as possible—not after school, but right there, in the classroom, where the learning happens.


Yoga is part of the daily routine, with each child receiving their own mat. This enables Bent On Learning to help children improve self-esteem, relieve stress and calm emotions.

Here’s a video that tells how yoga is benefiting these great kids:

For more information on this phenomenal group:

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6 Comments on Daily Inspiration: Bent On Learning- Where inner city kids find inner peace

  1. Great and it is so good to teach yoga from an early age. Awesome Tamara.


  2. They should do this in every school across the world. Everyone will be so much more relaxed and willing to learn and focus in class.

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