For the daily inspiration on Meditation Monday, I offer you The Meditation Initiative.

The mission for The Meditation Initiative is simple:

We empower people to change their lives,

by providing free meditation to anyone anywhere


The Meditation Initiative website has a plethora of videos. Below is a video telling their story: (Short-about 3:38)

The Meditation Initiative provides classes to children, adults and seniors to help with stress, anxiety, focus, attention and anger management, while improving emotional wellbeing.

From their website, The Mediation Initiative offers classes to:

…K-12 Public Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Prisons, Diabetes Patients, HIV Patients, Corporations, Cancer Clinics, Senior Centers, Homeless Teens, Superior Court of CA, Sober Living Homes, United States Military, Wounded Warriors, At-Risk Youth, Victims of Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking and more.



Here is one final video. This is a TedX Talk video of Jeff Zlotnik, founder of The Meditation Initiative, talking to TedX Youth@San Diego discussing the power of presence through meditation. He does a short meditation with them, about 5:30 minutes.

For further information on The Mediation Initiative or to donate, follow the link below.

Home page of The Meditation Initiative. The Meditation Initiative provides free meditation sessions to help decrease stress, lower anxiety, reduce anger, and improve focus and concentration.We provide free community outreach to K-12 Public School

Source: The Meditation Initiative

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