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Daily Inspiration: Together It Gets Better-Suicide Prevention Collaborative

Tonight I have a very special edition of daily inspiration, which  deals with a serious and important topic, teen suicide.


The non-profit for today’s daily inspiration is from the eastern part of the Twin Cities in Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota and St. Paul, Minnesota-for those readers in other parts of the world.) The organization is called the Suicide Prevention Cooperative (SPC). This amazing organization, made up of professionals and volunteers, work to bring awareness to and prevent teen suicide,  as well as remove the stigma associated with mental illness. Their Facebook page is dedicated to teens in the Washington County, Minnesota area discussing these important issues.

The SPC hopes to:

  • Educate the people of the community regarding the problem of suicide in the community
  • Increase awareness for the need to identify and treat teens at risk for suicide
  • Increase understanding of symptoms of mental illness and warning signs of suicide.
  • Increase awareness of area mental health resources and how to access them.
  • Working with community partners, the SPC will establish suicide prevention programs throughout the community.

The mission of the Suicide Prevention Cooperative is: 

SPC is committed to increasing awareness about depression and other mental illnesses, the warning signs of suicide and the need for professional treatment. By educating the public about suicide, individuals at risk can be identified and treated, and the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide can be reduced.

Here are some of these wonderful people:

The SPC will be hosting the 5th annual 5k walk/run on July 30, 2017. If you would like to donate or know of anyone in the Minnesota area who would be interested,  please pass this information on to them. You can find the link here.


Below is a Ted Talks video of Kevin Breel, a writer, comedian and mental health advocate. In April, 2014, the Suicide Prevention Collaborative hosted Kevin at a public speaking engagement, to help increase awareness of teen suicide and help decrease the stigma of mental illness. Take a look: (It’s 10:56)

This is a link to a Suicide Prevention App. which works anywhere in the world!

The app is: “A free tool that helps you understand the warning signs, but also one that guides you through the questions you should be asking and provides you with plans on how to respond and support someone in need. Also featuring a step-by-step safety plan and linkage to a 24/7 hotline and text platform for additional support. Including a searchable map to find emergency and mental health services near you, anywhere in the world.”


This slide show has the numbers and/or websites for several different suicide prevention hotlines.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In closing, This video will make you stop in your tracks. This beautiful soul has a very powerful message for all of you.  I encourage everyone to watch. It is truly unforgettable. (5:56)

For more information on

The Suicide Prevention Collaborative,

click on the following link.

CLICK HERE: About Us | Suicide Prevention Collaborative East Metro Area, Minnesota

ATTENTION:  I am always looking for wonderful non-profits to highlight on my daily inspiration posts. (Preferably small ones) If you have a non-profit you’d like me to highlight, please send me a note with the form on my contact page. THANK YOU!

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  1. TheOriginalPhoenix // January 15, 2017 at 8:03 pm // Reply

    Oh my gosh what a wonderful organization and what a moving video. I watched it all the way through, I was captivated.

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