This is just going to be a real quick post today, as I have lots of reading to catch up on!





Just today, I signed up as a participant in the 2017 Kindness Challenge on May 7, 2017. You’ll see the details on the infographic below. You can find the link to the original article below. I have also posted the kindness participant image on the right side of the page, with a link to the blog: The Richness of a Simple Life, for more details.

As a reminder of just how powerful a simple act of kindness can be, I am posting this video which is a compilation of great examples of simple, random acts of kindness. Oh! Stay tuned tonight: as promised I will be posting my article on the Boundless challenge mentioned in: Β Boundless Challenge #1 – Confessions of a Reborn GirlΒ . You can visitΒ Confessions of a reborn girlΒ for more information on the Boundless Challenge.

Enjoy the video! (It’s 3:37)

The 2017 Kindness Challenge is five months away! Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up. By signing up this will be in the back of your mind and you’ll likely find yourself cultiva…

Source: Kindness Challenge Details – The Richness of a Simple Life



7 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration & Feel Good Friday: Kindness Challenge Details – The Richness of a Simple Life

  1. Loved the video & loved this post! Amazing & Useful -as usual! I’ll definitely contribute & I’ll always try to do random & constant acts of kindness from day to day! Thankyou for sharing this! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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