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Boundless Challenge #2 – Confessions of a Reborn Girl

Ok, before I get into the boundless challenge, which terrifies me by the way, I wanted to share a story about school with all of you fabulous people. (I did say I’d fill you about my classes on occasion.-anyway…) Last week, I wrote about creating a smoothie while cramming to get an assignment done. Well, that assignment, was due by midnight that night. I finished it, a 10 page paper analyzing the ingredients of Life Cereal, by 5:00 pm, the only thing left was to create the bibliography. I had all the sources, I just needed to get them all into the proper format. So, since I had been locked in my room all day, I decided I needed a break. So, I nonchalantly relaxed with my family for dinner and watched some TV. Around 8:30, I decided I better put the bibliography together and get my assignment in. It’s only a bibliography, I’ve made a ton of them. I figured 30 minutes tops. WRONG!

Now, if any of you out there have a master’s degree or are going to college right now, you’ll appreciate this. When you write a research paper on that level, any and every fact you put in a paper has to be backed by a source, properly documented in the paper, with the properly laid out bibliography. Well, you can imagine that a 10 page paper will have a lot of sources. To my chagrin, the bibliography ended up being 3 1/2 pages long and took me over 3 hours to finish. I have tried bibliography software and don’t care for it. I may rethink it after this! At 11:45, I hastily combined my 2 pdf’s together  and submitted my paper.(The paper and bibliography were in 2 separate documents-and combined into one pdf with software.) Relieved that this was finished, I relaxed…until today!

I received my grade today-an 80%!!!! I was horrified! As someone who is on the President’s list, this made me a bit sick to my stomach. As it turns out, in my haste to submit the paper, I had inadvertently combined two copies of the paper into one document, instead of the bibliography. I had sent the paper WITHOUT the bibliography I had so carefully put together. My professor had no choice but to give me that grade.

I immediately called my professor and explained what happened. She had assumed as much and allowed me to email her the corrected version. (all assignments are normally submitted directly to the university via their website). I am happy to report, my professor increased my grade to 100%! I was so relieved and thankful! Any way, lesson learned. I will be more careful next time…and won’t procrastinate! (Sorry, that was kind of long!)

So…on with the boundless challenge


Here are the rules from Confessions of a Reborn Girl:

  • Share a #boundlessmoment from the past week. In other words, a time when you surpassed your expectations. 
    • Do title your post with the words Boundless Challengesomewhere so I can find it easily and don’t forget to use the badge!
  • Feel free to put the link for your post in the comments below as well.
  • Pingbacks aren’t required, but they would make your post a lot easier to find!
    • I’ll share my favorite entries in next week’s post!

SHARE A #BOUNDLESSMOMENT from the past week. Although I’ve written about my school problem, I don’t think that qualifies, at least not to me. I’m going to cheat a bit, because my #boundlessmoment isn’t from this week.

My #boundlesmoment for this week is when I opened this blog-and actually began writing posts, after my 2nd post in November, 2016, which was a 1 1/2 after I wrote my first one. Yes, I was so scared to write this blog that I waited 1 1/2 years to write my second post!

A wise person once wrote that we procrastinate out of fear 🙂 . That was absolutely the case with me here. I was terrified to write anything. Why would anyone want to hear what I had to say? What if nobody follows me? What if people laugh at me? and the big one…what if I fail? Well, isn’t not doing failing as well? So for me, every time I post an article, is a boundless moment.

That being said, opening this blog and writing my articles was one of the best things I’ve done. I absolutely love writing and blogging and connecting with other, wonderful bloggers around the world.

Thanks to The Original Phoenix for offering this challenge and for giving me the opportunity to force myself out of my comfort zone. Always remember, action conquers fear.


Here is Confessions of a Reborn Girl’s original Boundless Moment #2 article:

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Source: Boundless Challenge #2 – Confessions of a Reborn Girl

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3 Comments on Boundless Challenge #2 – Confessions of a Reborn Girl

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix // January 13, 2017 at 8:03 pm // Reply

    Oh my gosh, I love this entry so much! Blogging can be a really scary thing for sure. I remember when I was first starting out, I felt a lot of the things you did. Eventually, though, I fell in love and that just became more important than my fear of failure. I’m glad everything worked out with your essay! Your professor is very kind to let you re-submit 🙂
    My high school geometry teacher told me something about fear once. He said, “It’s okay to be afraid, but never fear.” I think that speaks volumes. (This is totally going in next week’s post.)


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