COMING SOON: Ultimate Guide to Nutrients Blog Series


I’m excited to announce a new blog series called: The Ultimate Guide to Nutrients. Beginning with water (absolutely the most important nutrient!) we’ll work our way, one by one through all of the essential macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, as well as discuss enzymes, phytonutrients and vitamin supplements.

I’ll try to post one in the series each Tuesday, beginning on January 31. (barring any school related projects). These articles, along with the “How to Eat Healthy” series, take time to properly research and compose-therefore, I can only handle one of each series per week.

I promise not to make it boring! I’ll include a list of foods rich in each nutrient. Also, all other recipes I post during that week will focus on the nutrient of the week.

My ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NUTRIENTS page, contains  a complete listing of nutrients to be covered during the series.

For the complete listing, follow this link: The Purple Almond: Food to heal the body, mind and soul Ultimate Guide to Nutrients

I’m really excited about this new series. I hope you are as well. I think it will surprise you just how crucial these nutrients are to your body. You quite literally are what you eat!


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