Savory Pumpkin Herb Biscuits – Tana Amen

I recently made these biscuits as an accompaniment to a soup I made, and let me tell you they are wonderful. They are a light and fluffy, gluten-free biscuit, with a light pumpkin taste and delicate herb flavor . When you’re gluten free and paleo as I am, you really get excited when you find a good bread/biscuit/muffin recipe. (anyone who can’t eat gluten will understand that comment. 🙂 )

Mine turned out a bit different than Tana’s, but still good. (My picture is above…Tana’s picture is below)  The main recipe calls for coconut milk, fresh rosemary and thyme. I used cream in place of the coconut milk. I didn’t have fresh herbs on hand, so used dry. While the end result was delicious, I will absolutely use fresh herbs next time. If you make these, I encourage you to use the fresh herbs. The result will be a biscuit with a fresh, herb flavor.



Not only are these biscuits delicious, they are quite nutritions. Pumpkin is incredibly healthy. Check out this infographic for the healthy and nutrition benefits of pumpkin!






Tana Amen is a nurse, NY Times bestselling author, highly respected health and fitness expert, and a nationally renowned speaker, and media guest.

For the compete recipe go to: Holiday Pumpkin Biscuits – Tana Amen

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