New Daily Inspiration-Where to Begin…with love from: Ella’s Wisdom


My inspirational  Friday articles and videos are some of my more popular blogs, which is interesting, considering this is a nutrition blog. Lol! Oh, well. Anyway, I decided to make a “trial run” on a Daily Inspiration Blog. I’d love some feedback and thoughts on the Daily Inspiration. Is there anything you’d like to see? Anything you’d like to contribute? An inspirational blog you’d like me to highlight? Let me know. Leave a comment on any of the inspiration blogs or fill out a form on my Contact page.

Now, onto the first Daily Inspiration. I’d like to introduce you to 7 year old Ella and her mom Raelene. Raelene has started a new blog called Ella’s Wisdom. She is writing about life lessons she is learning from Ella. Here is a quote from her home page:

“Beautiful insights and advice from a 7  year old who is truly the definition of Love!  I have been blessed with my very own (spiritual teacher), my beautiful daughter, Ella Jane!  She is pure love, light, joy and happiness.  She is who we are all striving to be!  Ella came to us as a little bright shining star and her light just keeps growing brighter and wiser each day.  She shares this light with anyone and everyone she meets, her happiness is infectious, she is a very special little soul!”

I am beginning my first daily inspiration blog with Raelene and Ella’s first blog  called Where to begin…with love: Here it is!

With so many meaningful lessons to share, I had no idea which one to start with – but Ella decided for me – with another beautiful message!  I had just finished showing and reading Ella…

For the rest of the article follow this link to Ella’s Wisdom: Where to Begin…with love

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