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quinoa & shrimp {pad-thai-style} – Taste With The Eyes

In my next article, I’ll begin discussing the nuts and bolts of whole food nutrition, in the mean time, I imported some recipes from Tumblr. There is a wide variety, something for everyone.
The recipe calls for quinoa, an ancient grain and superfood. I know that word is overused, but it fits here. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and is considered a complete protein.
The recipe does call for brown sugar. Try replacing this highly processed food with raw, organic coconut sugar. You should be able to find it in the natural food section of most grocery stores.

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I am a student at Hawthorn University working toward a MS degree in Holistic Nutrition. For me, the name Purple Almond symbolizes “Good, nutritious, whole food bringing light and life to the body, awakening the inherent healing mechanisms within.”

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